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good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. for the very first time since the boston marathon bombings, a major sporting race rolls bought area, a reality that has organizers going above and beyond to make sure fans watching are safe and protected. bob redell live in san jose with the extra security measures put in place. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police informed us they would provide extra security before the time trials, more than last year because of what happened at the boston marathon. we spoke with chp who is
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coordinating local jurisdiction security as the amgen tour makes it through the state having left escondido and traveling through palm springs today. the highway patrol didn't want to get into specifics about extra security measures for fear of tipping its hand. in other words, the course will be just as hope this year as it has been in years past. you'll be able to stand at the side of the road as they whip by, as long as you're not in the way. chp is asking to be aware of surroundings. if you see something suspicious, speak up. keep an eye for unattended backpacks. at the start of the race they were asking fans to put a name tag on the bag so it's obvious if it belongs to someone. not sure if that rule will be here when the amgen is in the area. boosting security, acknowledging like the boston marathon, it, too, draws quite a crowd.
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they estimated some 2 million fans lined the route over the eight days it took to complete the race last year. they also mentioned they are working with the department of homeland security. they have some extra technology they were going to be using with the tour to help coordinate operations. time trials are this friday in south san jose, stage seven takes riders from livermore to mount diablo. the final race sf and san diego. that will be the first time they finished in california. reporting live, bob redell, nbc news. grief counselors on hand at every school in valley springs in calavares county. they are there to comfort students who just learned their classmate, a 12-year-old boy, is under arrest for alleged by stabbing his 8-year-old sister to death. leila was killed at her home april 27th. since then the calavares county sheriff said his deputies spent more than 2,000 hours going over all the evidence and witness statements, including a
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statement from leila's 12-year-old brother who told officials he found his sister's body and saw a man leave his home. heñ÷ even gave a suspect description. the turn of events left many confused and trying to make sense of the emotional roller coaster. one girl talks about being there for both brothers on the day of the memorial. >> i was trying to comfort them and they were trying to comfort me from crying.ñác but i really am in shock now rainfall there's people out here that have already convicted him, already lynched him, already made their4ú judgments. >> just one day before the brother's arrest their biological mother spoke out saying her son could never hurt his sister. investigators aren't saying why or what evidence they have that points to the boy as the main suspect, only saying he was arrested on the charge of homicide. in cleveland the house where three women were held captive for years is now all boarded up for now the house is considered
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a two-story crime scene. some neighbors they say they want the house torn down all together. a local councilman said there's even threats to burn the house down. and new video in just this morning showing dramatic police rescue of the women and a young girl being held in that cleveland home. this is video showing police they are pulling down that screen door of the house, prying their way finally inside. you don't get to see it on camera but police say gina dejesus and michelle knight both literally jumped into officers' arms shortly after they entered the home. amanda berry and her 6-year-old daughter were already outside. following last week's crash organizers of america's cup says anything is possible including a cancellation. a meeting will be held with all four teams in the competition. they will review the evidence after thursday's capsize of america's cup catamaran and recommend changes, if necessary. while it's not likely, they could even decide to completely cancel the race.
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crew members aboard artemis yacht sid the vessel went airborne, broke into pieces and folded on itself like a taco she will. andrew simpson was killed. the funeral is expected to take place tomorrow in his home country of england. also this morning reports of a new possible problem for the bay bridge. officials already warning that this one could delay the opening of that new span. caltrans recently discovered about 400 thread rods that could be vulnerable to cracking if they are exposed to hydrogen from rainwater. that's according to a report in the "san francisco chronicle." those rods are meant to help protect the bridge during a major earthquake. experts say expecting them will not be a simple task considerin they are on the base of the tower. amy worth who chairs the metropolitan says inspections can and will happen. >> they are in the tower but they are accessible. it's more challenging to get to
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them than the other 200 we're going to be testing right now but we can get to them and they are in sleeves within the foundation. >> no secret caltrans was already dealing with fallout after dozens of bolts were found to have cracked when they were tightened. the agency has come up with a fix for that problem but officials say they don't know yet whether the issue will force them to delay the planned labor day opening for the new span. >> not too far from the bay bridge police force add group of protesters trying to reoccupy a piece of land opened by uc berkeley. officers cleared out this farm in albany a little after 5:00 this morning. most of the occupiers left peacefully. however, at least one person has been detained. the occupiers moved into the area on friday protesting plans to build a senior housing facility and also a grocery store on the land. occupiers say the land should be used for urban farming. how about this, several of the bay area's biggest companies now willing to place a monumental bet on the nfl
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biggest ball game. the gap and apple leading wait pledging multi-million dollars to the cause if the bay area lands the super bowl. kristi smith joins us live in san francisco where a news conference will get under way in less than an hour. kristi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that announcement in about an hour. basically what happened, once one company got on board, others followed suit quickly. now we're talking millions and millions of dollars raised and the bid committee isn't even done trying to raise money to get the super bowl back in the bay area for the first time in more than a decade. companies like apple, gap, yahoo! google, hp have pitched in just about enough to cover the cost of hosting the super bowl in 2016 or 2017. apple also pitched in ipad minis for the bid presentation to ship to nfl owners. in comparison miami's came in 3 inch binder according to the "miami herald." they are competing for the hosting rights.  be
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played at the new 49ers stadium in santa clara still under organization. bid organizers say the region is playing a big role here visitors can go to napa, san jose, san francisco, even pebble beach. sunrise stadium, that's nearly 30 years. miami's bid is estimated about $21 million. even though the bay area's may seem a little flashier, an anti-poverty philanthropist an head of the super bowl bid committee say they are taking no chances, but getting these pledges is a serious boost. >> we've raised $30 million in pledges to date. i think they have come on board because they are excited about bringing the super bowl back to the bay area for the first time in over 30 years. and i think there's a lot of excitement around our philanthropic effort, which is that 25% of every dollar raised isyko going to go back into our community. that's something that these companies can get behind and are excited about. >> the bay area can also have a super bowl avenue set up the embarcadero and nfl experience
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zone at mu zone. whoever doesn't win goes against houston next year. two community members will head to boston to make their 15-minute presentation to nfl owners. back here live, expected to hear that announcement within the hour at noon. and i'm told we should get an answer on this on tuesday. reporting live in san francisco, kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kristi. it has been called the island's dirty little secrets. we're talkingbout the number of drownings that have happened in kauai. this year alone three bay area residents died there. our reporter traveled to hawaii to find out why so many tragedies have happened there. >> reporter: drownings are the leading cause of death for visitors to hawaii and long been a problem in the state. community leaders in kauai think more are dying there because visitors are being guided to
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unknown location. eleven people died since january. the investigative unit discovered in the last decade, 74% of those who drowned there were visiting. bay area resident watched her and best f pulled in by a rogue wave. she said she never realized how much danger they were in standing near a lava pool. >> if there is something that can actually prevent this from happening to more people, then i feel like the information needs to be meaningful, you know, not just giving a nod to the danger. >> reporter: do you think these guide book authors are responsible for guiding people to their death? >> the way the books are written, yes. they are specific. they tell you to go to private property, how to get there, to jump over fences. >> reporter: local leaders are going to extreme measures to try to keep people away from some of
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those beautiful but deadly locations on the island. we'll have more on that tonight in our full investigation. nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. coming up, your commute. why today could be the last time you see this eyesore on your drive around san jose. the president speaks out on the growing scandal involving the irs. we'll take a look in business news. >> temps are warming nicely this monday morning. but hey, that natural ac is going to crank later on this week. temps will tumble. we'll let you know how cool in your city when we come right back with your seven-day forecast.
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some graffiti cleanup in the south bay could be trouble for drivers tonight. crews will be painting over a number of areas including in san jose along highway 101 at 13th street. they are going to be closing lanes for the cleanup which runs through wednesday. caltrans has already started notifying drivers about the closures, which will go from
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10:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning. the city of san jose, caltrans, and union pacific railroad will share the cost of the cleanup. drivers can also expect delays this week at the dumbarton bridge toll plazas workers install a new automated toll collection system. a single lane at the toll plaza will be closed each day from 9:30 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. the very next day, almost 24 hours p that will happen from now through may 22nd. toll number six is closed now. coming up stunning video from lake county north of the bay area where more than two dozen homes are at risk of being swallowed up. the homes in lake port, 100 miles north of san francisco. eight homes in the lake heights housing development have already been abandoned because they started to crumble as the earth literally began to sink. people living in 10 other homes, they have been warned they could soon have to evacuate at any moment.
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things are so bad the u.s.!pmñ postal service no longer delivering mail to that area. home owners, asked jerry brown to declare an emergency so they can get funding to determine the exact cause of the ground collapse. >> so we have home owners that have their house totally ruined. no home owner's insurance, excluded from landslide. now the county may be invading those homes and sending a bill to home owners. >> officials think ground water has bubbled up to the surface, that's why the earth is now sinking. so far nobody knows exactly why the water suddenly and, especially because it's in an area that faces ground water shortages. >> the city of palo alto talk about buying historic downtown post office. the post office is one of many the u.s. postal service is putting up for sale. the city wants to use it as an office space for planning and community environment department. the building has been in use since 1932.
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it was reportedly the first building in the country to be built specifically as a post office. officials in the state of new york now reaching out to bay area companies looking for help to try and stop smart phones from being ripped off. new york's attorney general will announce today he will send letters to microsoft, google, samsung, letters calling on each of the companies to develop new ways to track stolen phones and prevent them from being reused. california considering a similar proposal that would force companies to include a kill switch that would make a stolen phone useless. >> rising cost of commencement ceremonies at california private universities is putting a damper on graduation celebrations. across the state 15 of cal state's 23 campuses now charge a graduation fee. by law colleges are now allowed to use tuition fees to cover graduation costs. many schools pass the bill onto students of at cal state east bay, for instance, there's a $45
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fee to graduate. at san francisco state it's $100, $60 in the past two ns%áy at san jose state some students have to pay $75 to walk the stage at graduation. this morning president obama says he knew nothing about a decision by the irs to target conservative groups for auditing. that includes groups which teach the constitution. scott mcagree, even the white house says it's shocked by the irs's behavior. >> it's interesting to watch this develop. conservatives have been attacking the president on benghazi. he also addressed that during this morning's press conference. this irs behavior may end up being a much bigger issue. the irs has acknowledged it targeted some nonprofits based simply on their names. it involved the words tea party or patriot, it was far more likely to be investigated to make make sure the charity was adhering to rules that allowed
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it to be tax exempt. nonprofits enjoy a tax-free status from time to time. they will make sure those groups are not advocating for a particular candidate because that would violate the rules. the controversy is the fact that conservative groups were specifically targeted, and even the irs now acknowledges that. jon and marla, the white house says if this behavior is true, it is, quote, outrageous. back to you. >> indeed. all right, scott, thank you very much. if you liked yesterday's forecast, mother nature serving up a lot of the same. meteorologist christina loren, nice shot behind you. >> finally we're getting a break in that solid deck of clouds marla and jon. not even 11:30 yet and that's a good sign. we're still warm. the city that held onto the cloud cover the longest at the coast you'll get a treat today, temperatures wrapping up in the 70s, then we cool off as we head deeper in the week. san jose warming up with temperatures mostly in the 70s. still at 68, 77 for gilroy, 72
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in concord to kick off a monday. now, let me show you where the clouds are still lingering. mostly at the immediate cost. transports cool marine air all way inland. today will be noticeabley cooler, not much, maybe 3 to 5 degrees at much. lets talk about changes, das highs in the 80s. we'll see highs today warmer than any other day this week as the jet stream takes a substantial dip as we head through the next 48 hours. that means low pressure. morning fog and drizzle, natural coolant. kicking into high gear. pollen levels improve. a lot of people suffering from allergies, marla tellez included in that group. we've got good news coming up.n tuesday and wednesday, things start to change. the major differences come in thursday and friday. we're only going to see highs we see on a typical fall day. 68 bayside and struggling to hit low 60s at the coast. quickly as we cool you off, we'll heat you back up just in time for the weekend.
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you can get on out there and enjoy it with lower pollen levels. back to you guys rainfall i look forward to lower pollen levels. i'm itching over here. >> sinuses as well. >> everything i was. hollywood a lister returning to his roots and talking about his childhood in palo alto coming up after the break.
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the warriors feeling pretty good today heading through san antonio all tied up in the playoff series with the spurs. two games apiece, golden state just a great comeback yesterday. they beat the spurs in overtime, 97-87. that guarantees bay area fans will nourks yes, get a game six
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at oracle arena. tickets for game six on sale ticketmaster for warrior insiders. everybody else has to wait to get them at 3:00 this afternoon. game five is tomorrow night in san antonio. game six 7:30 thursday night at oracle. >> meanwhile sharks know when their first playoff game against the los angeles kings will be played. game one of the semiconference will be played monday night. puck drops at 7:00. we only know the schedule for game one of the series. the nhl will release details for the rest of the games later tonight. okay. switching to hollywood, palo alto native and actor james franco is expected to be back in the bay area tonight. franco and his mother are scheduled to appear to promote his new book, california childhood. the book talks about growing up in palo alto where franco lived until he was 18. it looks at the dichotomy between palo alto and east palo
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alto which he said made a lasting impression on him and his activism. tonight's appearance at 7:00. "saturday night live" alumni continues to take over late night. seth meyers posed to take over late night. the emmy award winning writer also named a successor to the current late night host jimmy fallon. fallon was expected and will become the host of "the tonight show" next year. that's great. >> millionaire branson makes a bet and had to pay for it. >> the odd costume he had it to put on for a flight. we'll show you after the break. >> it's good video.
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finish this morning with one glaring question. why would one of the world's richest most successful businessman on the planet dress up like a drag queen to promote an airline. you know the answer? >> you're going to tell us. >> because he can.
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>> donning red lipstick, has his hair pinned back. made drinks, announcement and chatted up customers. this all goes back to a bet from two years ago. he looks pretty good. >> that's nice lipstick, right. >> branson wagered on formula one racing team, since he lost it was a charity race, $6 million to help children and their families. >> looks like he's feeling it. >> some men dress up and they look beautiful as women. he's not one of them. >> i think he looks pretty good. >> i agree with you, jon. i have to be honest with that. >> thank you so much for being with us. join us at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. >> a lot of money for a good cause. >> if you were behind him and he turned around. >> i'd like to be on that flight. see you tomorrow. >> bye.
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>> a lot of money for a good crystal geyser is always
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